This a course of Asmaulhusna done by Afra basheer in whatsapp. I have created the slides by collecting data from a variety of sources. I have tried my best to put together authentic data. I have not finished all names yet. Im in the process of creating them.

Sources im refering to:

Names & explanation of each name(image) from creative motivation whose list of names is based upon the 99 Names of Allaah mentioned in Sheikh ibn Uthaymeen’s Al-Qawaa`id Al-Muthlaa, which were all derived from the authentic Quran and Sunnah.


Order of names & proof in quran or sunnah from a list Compiled and Explained by Shaykh Dr.
Mahmud Abdur-Razzaq Ridhwanee


For how to live by the name i have taken from understandquran.com.


Editing done by me:

To fit in one slide & make it concise i hav editted “how to live by the name” from understandquran.com but i have tried my best not to add any fabrications. May Allah forgive me for my mistakes & protect me from spreading non-beneficial knowledge.

For duas included in each name, I have used the dua from understandquran.com or added in some duas from my side.

Im so scared i will spread non-beneficial knowledge or any fabrications. By Allah’s mercy i have tried my best to put together names of Allah according to Quran & Sunnah. Please verify the sources & check for yourself. If i have done any mistakes kindly let me know. If you want to know more mail me at afra317@gmail.com.


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