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Those who follow Islam have five duties or basic acts to do which are called the Five Pillars of Islam. The ‘Five Pillars of Islam’  are the foundation of Muslim life.

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How are the five pillars of Islam different from other religions?

Our faith is different as in,

  • Our god is one.

  • Our faith never brings badness, only goodness.

  • Our reward is certain.

Our  prayer is different as in,

  • We pray in the state of purity.

  • We pray in a particular pattern.

Our charity is different as in,

  • It is compulsory only if above certain amount.

  • Our wealth increases & never decreases.

  • It purifies our wealth and heart.

  • 2.5% of one’s total assets is paid voluntarily, and only if the family can afford to feed themselves first.

Our fasting is different as in,

  • We don’t eat anything during daylight hours.

  • We don’t fast to understand the hunger of poor but purely for the love of Allah.

  • We fast to learn self control and patience.

Our pilgrimage is different as in,

  • We did not fabricate it, we follow prophet Ibrahim (as) and his son Ismaeel (as).

  • It is not compulsory, once in lifetime & only if affordable.

  • We must pray in specific time.



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