ASSIGNMENT 28 – How can one both love & fear Allah?

Three things must always be dwelling together in your heart as a true believer: glorification of Allah (through contemplation on the miraculous universe), love for Allah (through contemplation of His divine favors), and fear of Him (through contemplation of His irresistible wrath and punishment).

How can one who loves Allah, may He be exalted, develop fear of Him?

Some of the Islamically prescribed means to develop fear of his Lord and fear of His punishment which fear might lead him to think positively of Allah, may He be glorified. 

  • Reading Qur’an and reflecting on its meanings

  • Calling to mind how serious and terrifying the matter of sin is.

  • Fearing Allah, may He be exalted, by doing acts of obedience and worship, and refraining from evil deeds and prohibited things.

  • Respecting the sacred limits of Allah.

  • Knowing Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, by His names and attributes.

  • Knowing the virtue of those whose hearts are filled with awe of  Allah.

  • Pondering the stories of those who feared Allah and how they reached this status by means of faith and righteous deeds, praying qiyaam at night and fasting by day, and weeping for fear of Allah.

  • Reflecting upon the verses that speak of punishment and warnings, descriptions of Hell and the condition of its inhabitants, and what they will suffer of eternal misery, wretchedness and torment

  • Knowing your real situation and remembering that you are weak and insignificant; if Allah so willed He could hasten the punishment for you. So one who is like this should fear his Lord.

  • Reflecting upon the stories of the wrongdoers and sinners whom Allah punished for their sins.

  • Reflecting upon the condition of the people on the Day of the greatest fear and the great distress that they will feel.

  •  Listening to moving exhortations and heart-stirring lectures.

  •  Remembering Allah a great deal instills fear of Allah and of His Punishment, and fear of being deprived of Paradise. 

  • Fearing sudden punishment and not being given respite to allow repentance.




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