• The first step in preparing for salat is replying to Adhan and making the du’aa after adhan.

  • Next do a dedicated wudu. The ablution should be done only after doing Isti’adha -“Seeking Refuge with Allah”. Learn the sunnah way of wudu. The Prophet (saw) said: “The prayer of anyone is not perfect unless he performs ablution perfectly.” [Refer this link for Sunan way of doing Ghusl and Wudhu-]

  • Avoiding /prayer in unseemly situations where food is present, when feeling sleepy and when prompted by the call of nature.

  • Removing what distracts a worshiper like Noise, picture on the prayer mat, praying around somebody who is talking.

  • Shaytan is our biggest enemy. During Salat, his incessant whisper keeps you from concentrating. One must always seek protection from him. By saying “Audhu billahi minashaitanir rajeem”  before salat. 

  • One should know what one is reading in the prayer. Pondering and reflecting upon the Quran’s verses brings more concentration to your salat. When one reflects upon the verses of Allah one becomes affected and even sheds tears.

  • Pray as it is your last salat on earth. By remembering death, one is more likely to concentrate better in the prayer. If you just imagine that the angel of death is standing next to you, there is a guaranteed instantaneous khushu but keep it under control don’t palpitate in fear and hurt yourself.

  • Strive to avoid yawning during Salat. The Prophet (saw) said : “Yawning is from Satan, so if one of you yawns, he should try his best to stop it; for when anyone of you yawns, Satan laughs at him”.


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